Product Image Da Bomb Bath Fizzers - Earth Bomb

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers - Earth Bomb

Enjoy a fizzy, fragrant bath. When the 3-inch bath bomb has bubbled away, discover the surprise toy or charm inside!

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Additional Information

Each tennis ball-sized Da Bomb Bath Fizzer has a unique scent and color! The Earth Bomb features a sea breeze scent and contains a sea creature surprise inside. Some proceeds from each Da Bomb Bath Fizzer sold go towards cleaning up the Earth's oceans! This kid-invented bath bomb was created by two sisters and each Da Bomb Bath Fizzer is handmade in the USA! Ages 8 +. Children should use only with adult supervision.


Adds a lovely scent to baths
Contains a surprise toy or charm inside
Some proceeds go to conservation charities

Skill Building

The scent and colors of the Da Bomb Bath Fizzers offer sensory perception while taking a relaxing bath.

Package Contents:  

7 oz. Da Bomb Bath Fizzer

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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