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Dimpl Infant Toy

Pop the colorful silicone bubbles back and forth with this satisfying sensory toy! Ages 6 months+

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Additional Information

Dimpl is a unique sensory toy for babies. This series of five colorful, differently-sized bubbles can be popped back and forth with a satisfying sensation. Safe, durable construction, perfect for little hands. Ages 6 months+


5 colorful silicone bubbles in a plastic frame
BPA-Free, made of 100% food-grade silicone
Easy to carry and hold

Skill Building

The Dimpl provides a unique sensory experience as babies pop the silicone bubbles back and forth. Each bubble is a different color and size, giving young learners a chance to start differentiating between them. Pushing the bubbles helps develop basic fine motor skills.

Package Contents:  

1 Dimpl Infant Toy

Recommended Age:  

6 Months to 12 Months


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