Product Image DIY Agenda Set

DIY Agenda Set

Everything you need to decorate and personalize your own stylish planner! Ages 14+

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Additional Information

Have fun organizing and decorating your to-do list, thoughts and plans with this personalized, spiral-bound agenda. Includes all the colorful glitter, gel pens, and sticky notes you need to make your agenda pop! Ages 14+


Encourages children to fully engage in the creative process
Promotes language, literacy skills and creativity

Skill Building

Children will practice language and literacy skills as they write in and customize their own personal planner. Decorating the planner encourages creativity and allows children to grow their self-esteem as they create something truly unique.

Package Contents:  

Spiral-bound journal, stickers, stencils, 3 gel pens, glitter tape

Recommended Age:  

12 Years to 21 Years


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