Product Image DIY Cosmetics Set

DIY Cosmetics Set

Everything you need to design your own trendy beauty box! Ages 8+

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Additional Information

Create custom beauty products that are girly, trendy, and fun to make! Create your own beauty box at home that you can use yourself or give as personalized gifts. Ages 8+


Easy-to-use kit includes everything you need
Learn how popular beauty products are made
Finished products make great gifts

Skill Building

Children will use language and literacy skills to follow along with the instructions and use fine motor skills to mix their own beauty box products, learning the science behind this process as they go.

Package Contents:  

2 fragrance droopers, 2 mica powders, 2 lip gloss tubes, 1 brush, 1 cosmetic tube, 1 mineral powder, witch hazel, lip gloss base, 3 shimmer powder pots, 1 sifting tub, 1 blush base, 2 essential oils, 1 spray bottle, 1 measuring cup, 2 pipettes, 2 wood sti

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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