Product Image Do-A-Dot Rainbow~Trail Activity Book

Do-a-dot Rainbow
Trail Activity Book


Recommended Age :

6 Years to 8 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

Do-A-Dot Rainbow Trail features unicorns, mermaids, castles, and glass patterns for children to decorate. Young artists will explore color, line, and form by embellishing the bold designs with Do-A-Dot markers. And once the pictures are finished, you can remove them easily with the perforated pages. Markers sold separately. Ages 6 +.


Printed on perforated card stock
Explore color, line, and form

Skill Building

Do-A-Dot illustrations encourage children to focus on hand-eye coordination and manipulation, perfecting their fine motor skills as they fill the book with colorful dots. The simple illustrations allow for the use of chunky paint pens, helping children to develop visual and spatial perception as they practice coloring within the lines.

Package Contents:  

24 illustrated pages on perforated card stock. Markers sold separately


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By Bob Pultro on 4/14/2020

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