Product Image Doll Travel by American Girl

Doll Travel by American Girl

With 32 pages of activities and ideas, this American Girl book lets children engage in creative play as they create their own theme parks, beach adventures, and more. Ages 8 +.

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Additional Information

Doll Travel by American Girl is an ideas and activity book that comes with a series of American Girl doll accessories and craft supplies. Children will create their own vacation adventures with accessories like passports, a doll-sized duffel bag, and maps. Ages 8 +.


Craft ideas and supplies for American Girl
Teaches about world travel

Skill Building

The American Girl Doll Travel book and kit encourages artistic creativity as well as language and speech skills as children read the book and follow its craft suggestions. Children will practice their fine motor skills as they create their own special accessories for their dolls.

Package Contents: 32 pages, 16 accessories

Recommended Age: 8 Years to 12 Years


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