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Dr. Beaker Game

Flip a challenge card and race your opponents to match the formula by moving around the molecule balls in your beaker. Use logic to plan ahead, because you can only move one at a time! 2-4 players. Ages 8 +

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Additional Information

It's a logic race with Dr. Beaker! In this game, players use a stirring rod to rearrange the colored molecule beads in their beakers to match the formula on the challenge card. The molecules can only be moved one at a time, so players must think several steps ahead to solve the challenge. Instructions include several ways to play with large groups or partners! Ages 8 +


Science-themed logic fun
Multiple ways to play
2-4 players or adaptable for large group

Skill Building

Dr. Beaker builds cognitive skills as children use logic and reasoning skills to arrange the molecule beads according to the challenge card. Players practice working memory to think several steps ahead as they manipulate the beads in the correct order.

Package Contents: 4 beakers, 4 Stirring rods, 24 colored balls, 50 challenge cards, and illustrated rules

Recommended Age: 8 Years to 12 Years


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