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Dr. Eureka

Solve the scientific formulas by transferring materials between your test tubes without letting them fall on the table! 1-4 Players. Ages 8 +

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Additional Information

Dr. Eureka is a fast-paced game of skill and logic. Flip over a card to see your formula and then move colorful balls between test tubes without dropping them to match what's in the picture! 1-4 Players, Ages 8 +


Quick and easy play
Use spatial logic to solve puzzles
Can be enjoyed solo or competitively

Skill Building

Using visual perception and spatial skills, children will carefully move the colorful balls between test tubes. Carefully balancing these balls will strengthen fine motor skills while children focus their attention on solving the puzzles. Sovling the puzzles develops cognitive skills.

Package Contents: 12 Test Tubes, 24 Colorful Balls (8 Red, 8 Purple, 8 Green), 54 Challenge Cards, Illustrated Rules

Recommended Age: 8 Years to 12 Years


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Good game for strategy!
By Casey on 7/26/2017
Overall Rating

I bought my nephew a copy of Dr. Eureka and he loves it. At first it can be tricky but soon enough he was always thinking one step a head. You can really see the gears grinding in his head! We love it.