Product Image Easy Spin Pottery Wheel by Alex

Easy Spin Pottery Wheel by Alex

Make your own air-dry clay pots on the battery-powered pottery wheel! Decorate with the 88 included gems and paint. Includes 2 pounds of clay. Ages 6+

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Additional Information

The Easy Spin Pottery Wheel is a quick and simple way to make your own clay pots. Using a battery-powered foot pedal and an included block of clay, children can easily form their pot and then use the 88 included mosaic gems and tiles to decorate however they choose. Requires 4 size C cell batteries, not included. Ages 6+


Creative and practical
Kids can make their own gifts for friends and family
Easy to use for pottery wheel beginners

Skill Building

As kids manipulate the clay on the pottery wheel, they will be improving their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are also improved as kids cut, sculpt, and paint the clay. Feeling the unique moist, soft texture of the clay provides a strong tactile component that helps strengthen sensory processing skills. Children will use creativity to design their pots and boost self esteem by having a finished item they can be proud of.

Package Contents: Pottery wheel with foot pedal, 2 carving tools, 2 bags of soft clay (2 lbs), 6 paints (0.8 oz. each), paint palette, 2 brushes, clay cutting cord, 88 mosaic tiles and gems, glue (0.35 oz.), easy instructions

Recommended Age: 6 Years to 12 Years


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