Product Image Ezy Roller - Blue

Ezy Roller - Blue

The Ezy Roller is a unique ride-on experience. This snake-like rider is easy to use; just push feet left and right on the foot bar to propel the groove cruiser forward. No chains or pedals, engines or batteries-just fun! Ages 5 +.

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Additional Information

The Ezy Roller is a rideon toy with no learning curve. Riders simply place their feet on the bar and push left and right to propell the Roller forward. The Ezy Roller is the perfect vehicle for relay races, creative games, and more. Ages 5 +.


No batteries, gears or pedals
So easy to use

Skill Building

Kids will build their gross-motor skill capabilities as they use easy left-right leg movements to maneuver the Ezy Roller. Children of all skill levels will feel empowered as they use their own bodies to propel the Ezy Roller. As their coordination improves, kids will move faster on the Ezy Roller and their self-esteem is likely to improve. To build social skills with the Ezy Roller, set up a course and invite your child and his or her friends to test it out together. Kids of all skill levels will be able to play together with Ezy Rollers.

Package Contents: Blue Ezy Roller

Recommended Age: 5 to 12


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