Product Image Fantastic Spinner by Alex

Fantastic Spinner by Alex

The Fantastic Spinner lets kids create spin art in a flash by simply squeezing the handle & dripping the paint. Spin art creations make great gifts or decorations. Comes with splash shield, four paints, 20 cards and three colored cards. Ages 6 +.

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Additional Information

The Fantastic Spinner by Alex provides limitless possibilities for creative fun. Kids will be able to compose beautiful spin art simply by squeezing the Fantastic Spinner handle and dripping the paint through the splatter-proof shield. Children will channel their inner Jackson Pollack with original artwork that can be used for postcards, bookmarks, picture frames, greeting cards and more. Kid-powered, no batteries required. Includes Fantastic Spinner, splash shield, four paint bottles, 20 paper cards, three colored cards and easy instructions. Ages 6+.


Artwork can be given as gifts or used as decorations
Great independent play opportunity
Kid-powered, no batteries required!

Skill Building

Kids will increase their hand strength and coordination as they squeeze the handle to spin the Fantastic Spinner. Kids will also improve their grasping skills, oppositional skills, and finger strength as they squeeze the paint bottles onto the paper to make pieces of artwork.

Package Contents:  

20 paper cards, three colored cards and easy instructions~Fantastic Spinner, splash shield, four paint bottles,

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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