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Fidget Spinner

Get out the fidgets with this high-quality Trend America spinner! Comes in a variety of colors, let us choose for you! Recommended for ages 12 +

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Wilmington, DE
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Exton, PA
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Collegeville, PA
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King of Prussia, PA
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Additional Information

Turn, flick, and spin the Fidget Spinner! Trend America spinners use high-quality bearings for a longer, smoother spin and feature a bold matte color finish. Both adults and children can use the Fidget Spinner to de-stress. Comes in a variety of styles and colors, let us choose for you! Contains 1 Fidget Spinner. Recommended for ages 12 +


High-quality center for durability and longest spin time
Great for relaxation
For adults and children

Skill Building

The Fidget Spinner can be used to help ease anxiety. It provides tactile sensation along with satisfying spinning, aiding in restful relaxation.

Package Contents: 1 Fidget Spinner

Recommended Age: No


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Overall Rating
i am your friend
By hello on 6/14/2017
Overall Rating

i can spin my spinner on my nose ;)

By SKPS on 6/14/2017
Overall Rating

Awesome!!! It spun SEVEN MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spinn it
By JohnSum on 6/2/2017
Overall Rating

Very great product! First my kids came along with "fidget spinner", than I read more information about it, now I own 4 fidget spinner by myself ;)

Way 2. Expensive
By Figet spinner commenter on 5/23/2017
Overall Rating

2 expensive ok spin

Great Quality......not for the price
By Anonymous on 5/16/2017
Overall Rating

Amazing Spinner! $20 For a plastic thing that spins? Way overpriced.

Over priced but fine
By Kid Who Just bought one on 5/13/2017
Overall Rating

Well, it's ok. It's just the price, it just spins which is awesome. But please? At least make it 15$ or lower!

ok but the price was wayyy to high
By myra on 4/28/2017
Overall Rating

I have always wanted a fidget spinner so when I got it I was sooooo excited. However as time went on it started to not spin as long as I wanted it too and it does make a little noise which irritates me just a little

By edvard testa on 4/25/2017
Overall Rating

lol this thing is nice

By boy on 4/24/2017
Overall Rating

fits well in palm

Best fidget spinners you'll buy!
By Jenny on 4/22/2017
Overall Rating

This product is so durable! I dropped it 3 times at stores and 2 times in a parking lot. I thought it was gonna break the second I dropped it. I love the design, and how the people at the store are so kind and let you try out different ones. They have a lot of different designs. (sports, tye dye, fire, etc) It's so cool and durable, and it spins for a nice amount of time. The highest it has spun was 6 minutes and 9 seconds

By W on 4/17/2017
Overall Rating


By Ava boo on 4/14/2017
Overall Rating

Price was not the best but great product!

Fits well in palm
By Critic of the fidget on 4/13/2017
Overall Rating

It is a good feature that when you go to learning express they let you try different types of fidget spinners to find the best one for you. In other notes it fits well in your palm, suprising how light it is considering the metal barring's. spins for long duration of time.

Spins for long duration of time. Isn't extremely heavy to hold. Fit in palm well
By Fidget expert 2.0 on 4/13/2017
Overall Rating

I would recommend the fidget spinner because it spins for long duration of time and is a good size to still easily put it in your pocket or backpack

By Jeff on 4/7/2017
Overall Rating

Works good

By bd on 4/6/2017
Overall Rating


The problem for me is the price
By Sunny on 4/4/2017
Overall Rating

Easy and fun to play with

Pretty Amazing. Needs some price changes but over all one of the best. Deserves a round of applause
By FidgetExpert on 4/4/2017
Overall Rating

My friends want some but prices are too high

Very good duration
By Hsjdhfjfjhr on 4/2/2017
Overall Rating

This toy help me with many problems that I have

Very good to play with
By Jeff on 4/1/2017
Overall Rating

It is a wonderful toy nothing is wrong with it but it does make a little noise but all of them do they come in over 50 colors at the store it is just a wonderful toy.

Very good and fun to play with
By Person on 3/29/2017
Overall Rating

Very good and fun to play with

By Claire on 3/29/2017
Overall Rating

I think that it is perfect but the problem is the price

By Hi on 3/27/2017
Overall Rating

Got it to spin for 9 minutes
Great thingy

By Jk on 3/24/2017
Overall Rating

Very fun to play with I got it to spin for 10min

Good thing to buy if you figet
By Frank on 3/22/2017
Overall Rating

It's so fun can't stop playing with it I got it to spin for 5 minutes