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This twisty brainteaser is both a puzzle and a fidget toy! Rotate the pieces until each side is a single color. Ages 8 +

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Additional Information

Fidgitz is a combination fidget toy and logic puzzle. Each of the six connected balls is made of blue and white pieces that can be twisted and rotated, with the goal being to make one side entirely blue and one entirely white. Ages 8 +


Great as both a puzzle and a fidget toy
Perfect for both adults and children
Increases focus and concentration

Skill Building

Twisting and rotating the Fidgitz pieces help ease anxiety when used as a fidget toy, while strengthening fine motor skills. Children will also use spatial perception and logic skills when trying to solve Fidgitz as a puzzle.

Package Contents:  

Fidgitz Game

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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