Product Image Flash Back Rebound Ball

Flashback Rebound Ball


Recommended Age :

6 Years to 8 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

Secure the Flash Back Rebound Ball around your wrist by the cuff and give it a throw to watch the magic. The bumpy ball lights up when bounced and returns when throwed. The 50 inch-long elastic cord ensures that the ball has plenty of room to roll before snapping back. Colors may vary. Let us choose for you. Ages 6 +.


Lights up when bounced
Bumpy texture
Wrist cuff and elastic cord keep ball from bouncing or rolling away

Skill Building

A secure wrist cuff enables children to use their gross motor skills to unleash their fastest pitches. The elastic cord ensures that the ball returns so children can use their hand-eye coordination to catch it and throw it again. The flashing lights and bumpy texture of the ball provide visual and tactile input to help children develop snesory processing skills.

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Flash Back Rebound Ball


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