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Fluffables - Sprout

Make your own fluffy, cuddly friend! Use the included pattern or your own creativity to design a fun, furry buddy. Ages 6 +

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Additional Information

Fluffables are a cute, fun art project that let kids create their own fluffy friends. Simply push bundles of fluff into a base model using an included stylus, following the included pattern or creating your own design. Add eyes, a nose, and ears, and then trim or comb your Fluffables' hair to your liking! Each Fluffables includes one mystery accessory. Ages 6 +


Encourages fine motor development
Follow along with the suggested design or make your own
Cute, colorful design

Skill Building

As they use the stylus to push the wool into the Fluffables model, children will develop the gripping and manipulation components of their fine motor skills. The soft wool provides tactile feedback and helps children learn to apply appropriate amounts of pressure. Following along with the suggested design or coming up with a design of their own will exercise cognitive skills.

Package Contents: 14 wool bundles, Fluffables base, stylus, 2 plastic eye pieces, 1 plastic nose piece, 2 felt ear pieces, 1 felt tail piece, 1 mystery accessory

Recommended Age: 6 Years to 12 Years


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