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Learning Express Explains Why Kids Need to #PlayUnplugged

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DEVENS, Massachusetts. The Learning Express Marketing Department teamed up with veteran art teacher, Diane Davis, to give “A Teacher’s Perspective” on why children benefit from the #PlayUnplugged initiative! To read the entire article at the Learning Express Toys Toy Blog, click the links below: Why Kids Need to #PlayUnplugged (A Teacher’s Perspective)

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Learning Express Launches 2017 Holiday Catalog

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DEVENS, Massachusetts. Learning Express management announced today the mailing of the 2017 Learning Express Holiday Catalog, “Unwrap the Magic!”, to their customers homes. The holiday catalog, which has been published annually since 1995, features what Learning Express management feels will be the upcoming holiday season’s best-selling toys, books, games and gifts. While the franchisor produces five printed publications each year, …

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Creating Birthday Memories

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Learning Express Toys offers a solution that takes the guessing out of birthday presents for children! The Birthday Box program helps our customers find a perfect gift and sets Learning Express Toys apart from other retailers. Three weeks prior to your child’s birthday, you can set up your Birthday Box at any Learning Express Toys location. Your little boy or …


6 Reasons to Shop Learning Express Toys in 2015

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I am a very social person who enjoys meeting new people. My mother has always joked that I could make friends with a wall if I had no one else to talk to. But the truth is that I love feeling a connection with people and learning about their lives. That is why I always look forward to visiting my …


Creating a Community With Learning Express Marketing Programs

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Events distinguish Learning Express Toys from your typical retailer. Bringing families together are the cornerstone of the experience. With the turnkey Play Day Party Kit program, the Home Office helps stores offer monthly events, with a focus on one vendor. Home Office buyers collaborate with vendors to determine the best kits, and the Graphics Department creates all marketing materials for …