5 Ways the Learning Express Toys Affiliate Store Benefits Franchisees

learning express of bedford exterior Learning Express of Bedford, MA, Learning Express' affiliate store, opened in September 2016.

Learning Express’ affiliate store, opened in September 2016, gives our Home Office buyers, marketers and other staff easy access to the in-store experience and offers a depth to our ability to support franchisees.

In addition, the store allows new franchisees and store managers to gain valuable on-site training before launching their careers with Learning Express Toys.

Here are 5 ways the affiliate store benefits our franchise family:

  1. Product selection. The Home Office buying team sees how their product selection looks and performs on-site. They use that valuable insight to make better recommendations and more accurate forecasts for franchisees.
  2. Marketing strategy. The Home Office marketing team tests new marketing strategies on-site and passes the results on to franchisees. All of the affiliate store’s marketing efforts are documented, analyzed and shared, including catalog distribution, in-store signage, social media, community events and more.
  3. Hands-on training. New franchisees and store managers gain in-store experience when they visit Massachusetts for their training. From interacting with customers to running management reports, trainees find our affiliate store an ideal training ground.
  4. Constant innovation. The affiliate store gives Home Office staff an outlet to test new programs, from loyalty apps to in-store events to computer software. Successful concepts and practices are shared with the entire franchise family, allowing Learning Express Toys to constantly innovate.
  5. Insider’s perspective. Our Home Office staff has the opportunity to spend time in the affiliate store, giving them an on-the-ground perspective that translates to enhanced franchisee support.

We can’t wait for you to see our new affiliate store in Bedford, Massachusetts!

For more information about the training and support you’ll receive as a franchisee, visit our franchise page. Learn More About Toy Store Ownership!

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