Aero Storm Airplane

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  • The Aero-Storm Airplane will wow and amaze you every acrobatic flight!
  • The most amazing stunt plane ever with real engine sounds!
  • Super easy to launch! Just pump it up, toss, and watch as Aero-Storm performs corkscrews, loopty loops, bank turns, and more!
  • Features a patented self-starting micro air-engine that requires no batteries ever!
  • Ages 8+



aero storm

The one of a kind air powered stunt plane!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait it’s Aero-Storm the amazing air powered stunt plane! The developers of the Air Hogs, the beloved, bestselling toy airplanes from the 90’s, are back with a plane can go further, faster, and preform more stunts than ever before!

Key Features:

  • No Batteries Required: Aero-Storm is powered by a mico-air engine so it doesn't require any electricity
  • Crash Resistant: the adjustable air frame slides back upon collision to prevent damage
  • Easy to Use: simply pump it up, flick the propeller, toss, and watch Aero-Storm soar!
  • Hours of Fun: Great for kids of all ages!
Easy to use!

attach pump

1.) Attach the pump

Each Aero-Storm kit comes with a plane and a pump. To begin press the plane air intake onto the pump nozzle.


2.) Pump up the air tank

Place the plane and pump on any hard surface, and pump 20-25 times using the full stoke of the pump. To pump slide the handle fully up and down.


3.) Flick the propeller

Hold the plane and flick the propeller in the direction of the arrow that is printed on it. The propeller will then begin to spin rapidly.


4.) Throw the plan and watch it soar!

Adjust the wings to make sure they are parallel with each other and then throw the plane swiftly at an upward angle with the wings parallel to the horizon.

Advanced Micro-Air Engine


This plane uses the patented Air Chargers micro air engine. To engage the engine simply use the provided pump to fill the plastic reservoir with air. The air tank has a safety valve that releases air so that the plane never gets over pumped. After the tank is filled a small motor within the plane then converts the compressed air energy to mechanical work which creates a rotary motion that pushes air out to the planes propellers. It is this continuous air channel that powers the plane an allows it to fly. 

Aero-Storm can preform tons of fun stunts!

free flight

Free Flight




Back Turns

loopy loops

Loopty Loops

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