5 Surprise Foodie Mini Brands Series 1

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  • 5 Surprise Mini Brands are real fast food brands that fit in your hands! Unwrap, peel, and reveal miniature collectibles of REAL meals plus fun food court accessories.
  • There are 65 ALL NEW miniatures of your favourite fast food items to collect, including rare metallic, super rare gold minis and all new ultra rare frozen moments! Will you find your mini lunch nicely wrapped up fresh, or will the cheese be mid-stretch, or the cola mid-splash!?
  • Find minis of all your favourite world-famous food brands including Subway, Sonic, T.G.I. Fridays, Hardee's, White Castle, and more. Collect them all to create your own mini food court!
  • What 5 surprises will you unbox?
  • Ages: 3+
5 Surprise Foodie Mini Brands Series 1
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