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•Makes 2 scrunchies, a needle book & pin cushion, a stuffie, a pouch, phone case, and pins
•Kids learn how to sew the running stitch, blanket stitch, whip stitch, how to decorate with embroidery.
•They also learn to use a measuring tape, handle pins, and learn to sew on buttons and patches, use elastic, and stuff toys they’ve sewn themselves.
•Includes sewing instruction booklet, 48 yd cotton thread, 1 yd elastic cord, 1 yd cotton twine, 15 pins, 2 metal needles, 5 pieces acrylic felt, 1 piece canvas fabric, 1 piece cotton fabric, 6 plastic buttons, 1 measuring tape, .38 oz polyester stuffing, 3 metal safety pins, 1 printed pattern sheet.
•Ages 7+
This kit is perfect for kids who want to learn to sew. The 34-page step-by-step instruction booklet allows kids to grow their skills with 15 fun projects! The kit includes fabric, thread, and stuffing for 9 projects, plus items they’ll use again and again, like a measuring tape, pins, and needles. Sew much fun, sew much to do!
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