Scooter Mini Deluxe Led

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  • The innovative Micro brand is known by families for its smooth-gliding, long-lasting scooters for children and adults.
  • Micro's 3-wheeled Mini Deluxe LED scooter, with a lean-to-steer design, offers a stable ride that supports toddlers and small children as they master balance and coordination. Features two front LED motion-activated light-up wheels. (No batteries required!)
  • Incredibly strong (holds up to 110 lbs) yet extremely lightweight, perfect for young children; plus an adjustable T-bar (handlebar) grows with children from age 2 up to age 5.
  • Offering a gold standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty and award-winning customer service, combined with replaceable parts, your Mini Deluxe scooter is sure to last, virtually forever!
  • No assembly required: simply insert T-bar (handlebar) into the deck and ride! Supplied hex wrench ensures parents are able to adjust the T-bar to desired height and tighten before riding.
Micro Kickboard takes quality to a new level with the top-rated Mini Deluxe LED. The Mini scooter is so strong and durable, we say it’s ‘indestructible’. Known for its incredibly smooth glide, the reliable Mini really goes the distance when it comes to reliability and comfort - great for the commute to school or just around town. It’s the scooter for kids who are Going Places!

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Quality Swiss Design and CPSC Safety Certified

Safety-certified by the CPSC, the Mini Deluxe LED scooter features exceptionally strong construction that is flexible and lightweight; this makes it great for cruising in urban and suburban neighborhoods alike.

For best protection, we recommend that kids wear helmets and knee pads when riding.

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Minimalist construction and all-replaceable parts

Micro scooters are created with a minimalist design, using the smallest amount of parts required to create an incredibly durable scooter. They feature all-replaceable parts, meaning your scooter will last virtually forever. You don’t shake and rattle when you roll on Micro!

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Lightweight, durable scooters

Weighing in at just 4.2 lbs, the Mini Deluxe LED is super lightweight, making it easy for kids to manage, easy to pick up and carry as needed.

Max Rider Weight: 110 lbs

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No assembly required; easy to remove handlebar

No assembly is required; simply unbox your scooter, insert the T-bar into the scooter deck, and go!

The T-bar is easily detachable to facilitate transport or storage.

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Intuitive Lean-to-steer Design

The Mini Deluxe LED kick scooter has a curving and carving action that all kids love. To steer, kids use their body weight to lean into the carving turns, which are fun but also stable. When they curve side to side, it’s a little like riding a skateboard, but with more control. Referred to as ‘Lean-to-Steer’ it’s a steering style that allows kids to feel like they are ‘surfing’ the sidewalk!

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Adjustable handlebars grow with your child

With a T-bar that extends 8 inches, the Mini Deluxe LED kick scooter will ‘grow’ with your child (up to age 5 or 110 lbs) for years of fun and exercise.

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