Mix Or Match Junior

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  • MAGNETIC TOYS: Put together a car or boat when you match the pieces by color, or build something funny to create a silly vehicle like a boat-truck or a train- plane!
  • IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Create the vehicle of your dreams with the amazing toy that lets you imagine all the possibilities. Ever wanted to mix a car with a plane? You can with Mix or Match Vehicles!
  • FUN AND EASY TO CREATE: Our magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap and allows you to put your vehicles together and take them apart again and again.
  • VEHICLE ACTION FIGURES YOU MAKE: Have your own race and create your ultimate racing team with this cool magnetic toy set. Includes 8 pieces to create dozens of possibilities!
  • FOR LITTLE HANDS: Large pieces are safe for little ones, and putting them together is great fun for children ages 2 years & older. Combine them like a 3D puzzle to make the ultimate crazy contraption!
Welcome to magnetic mix or match vehicles Junior the toy that lets you build a vehicle like no other. With these eight large magnetic pieces, building an imaginary vehicle like a plane train or car boat is a snap. or, mix the pieces up then reassemble them by matching colors and magnetic mix or match vehicles Junior becomes your child's first 3-D matching puzzle!.
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