Product Image Gizmo the Smart A.I. Puppy

Gizmo the Smart A.I. Puppy

This robotic puppy responds to voice commands! Gizmo can dance, follow you around, and can even play music! Ages 8+

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Additional Information

Gizmo the Smart A.I. Puppy is a fun introduction to the world of robotics! Controlled by touch or voice commands, Gizmo can explore your home using its infrared sensors to avoid walls and stairs. This futuristic robot puppy charges via USB, no batteries required! Ages 8+


Charges via USB
Follows voice commands and responds to petting
Uses sensors to avoid falling or bumping into walls

Skill Building

Gizmo helps children develop cognitive skills as they learn how to command their robot puppy. Gizmo sparks kids' interest in the field of robotics!

Package Contents:  

Gizmo the Smart A.I. Puppy, charging cable, instructions

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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