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Gross out Magic


Recommended Age :

7 Years to 9 Years

Additional Information

Wow your friends and disgust them at the same time with these 40 magic tricks guaranteed to leave an impression! From disappearing slime to a rubber cockroach, these tricks are part magic, part gross-out prank. Ages 7+


Contains props and instructions for 40 magic tricks
Part magic, part prank

Skill Building

Children develop social skills while entertaining their friends and family with the Gross Out Magic set. Learning the secrets to the magic tricks and performing them successfully for others builds confidence and self-esteem.

Package Contents:  

Deck of cards, handkerchief with printed roach, 3-piece slime can trick with slime, fly swatter with plastic fly, rubber worm with cutting box, magic garbage bag, 6 gag cards, plastic gum trick, rubber cockroach, neck cracker, trick gift box, trick tongue


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