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Honey Bee Tree Game

The Honey Bee Tree Game is a quick-play game that teaches concentration and cooperative play! Players take turns pulling leaves from the oak tree, just don't wake the bees or they will fall out into your tray! For 2-4 players. Ages 3 +.

Additional Information

You've been sent out to groom the old oak tree, but be careful, a hive of bees has made their home there! The Honey Bee Tree Game is a high-action and quick-play game where players remove the leaves one by one, while being careful not to wake the bees! When the bees are disturbed, they will fall into your flower tray. At the end of the game, the player with the least amount of leaves in his/her flower tray wins! Since little ones are so full of ideas, they might come up with alternative ways to play-some kids even try to wake the bees on purpose! For two to four players. Includes honey pot, old oak tree, flower tray base, 32 leaves, 30 honey bees and easy instructions. Ages 3 +.


Can be enjoyed alone or by up to 4 players
Encourages fine-motor skills
Involves reasoning and strategy
Kids might even make up their own way to play

Package Contents:  

Honey pot, old oak tree, flower tray base, 32 leaves, ~Thirty honey bees and easy instructions

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 5 Years


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