Product Image Honeycombs The Game

Honeycombs The Game

Race your opponents to connect all your 6-sided tiles by matching the pictures. No two tiles are the same! 1-8 players. Many ways to play! Ages 7+

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Additional Information

Match up the honey-themed pictures (bears, beehives, flowers, honey pots and bees) on these 6-sided tiles to arrange your own Honeycomb. Race your opponents to get rid of all your tiles when creating your own Honeycombs. Or, work together on one big Honeycomb and tally the points with each turn! Ages 7+


No two tiles are the same
Many ways to play
1-8 players

Skill Building

Children will practice visual processing skills as they recognize and match up the images on the tiles, and problem-solving skills as they arrange the tiles to line up on multiple sides. This game involves quiet concentration, and when played with others, boosts social skills.

Package Contents:  

52 game tiles, canvas carrying case, instructions

Recommended Age:  

7 Years to 9 Years


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