Hop on over to the Bunny Buffet for Easter Toys

The Bunny Buffet makes Easter shopping as easy as 1-2-3!

Here’s how it works:

Stop by your local Learning Express Toys store and browse through the Bunny Buffet section. Customize each Bunny Bucket to fit your child’s skills, age, interests, and personality!

1. Choose a bucket: Pick your Bunny Bucket! These large plastic containers come in an assortment of colors. Pick your favorite to fill with tons of toys and treats!

2. Fill your bucket: Walk through the Bunny Buffet and explore the fun selection of toys. Pick and choose what items to include in each bucket (and feel free to ask our staff of experts for advice). Spend $25 to receive the personalized bucket FREE!

3. Receive your personalized bucket: Bring your container full of goodies to the register and tell a staff member your child's name and how it’s spelled. The staff will personalize the it with your child's name for free. Don't forget to request free gift-wrapping!

Congrats - Easter is in the bag!

Have a Hoppy Easter!

"The creation of

something new is not

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- Carl Jung

Kid Playing with Stuffed animals