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  • Why Kids Need to #PlayUnplugged (A Teacher's Perspective)

    Create with crayons on leafIt’s a free art day. Kids can make anything they want. This used to be a golden day for my students. But now, I’m bombarded with questions and concerns: What should I make? Give me an idea. I don’t know what to do.

    Why is using their imagination so difficult?

    Kids love working with devices. It’s hard to get them to put their devices down, even in school. Whether they are playing games or learning programs on the computer, there is usually a well-defined goal to accomplish. This is like taking a test. They know that with repetition and problem solving, they can come up with the “right” answer. How do I get through this maze? How do I win this battle?

    But with imagination, there may not be a right answer. And sometimes, kids get confused when they don’t know exactly what the final goal should be.

    So how do we encourage imagination and innovation?

    Stretching the imagination begins with thinking outside the box, participating in open-ended activities that don’t have a “right” answer for solving them. This can be as simple as doing something that you do every day, in a different way.

    For example: What if they had breakfast for supper? What if they had a picnic breakfast on the living room floor?

    By trying different ways of doing a traditional activity, kids begin to imagine other ways of changing them. What if we only ate yellow foods for lunch or foods that started with the letter L? What if we #PlayUnplugged and act out the video game instead?

    Thinking of alternatives opens their imagination to a multitude of answers.

    Summer is a great time for open-ended activities.

    Stretch kids’ imagination by doing activities that don’t follow traditional rules. Could they invent a way to play Quidditch from the Harry Potter books, even though in the books it requires flying? If they were to make up an entirely new type of game, what would it be?

    Try activities that require kids to experiment to find the answer. My kids spent an entire summer finding acids and bases from things around the house, by dropping them into red cabbage juice and watching it change color. Is there a better way to design a paper airplane? Could you build a catapult that would knock down a wall of milk cartons?

    Use art to expand their ideas by filling every square in the sidewalk with a different chalk drawing. Make your own playdough or slime and the tools to work with it.

    You don’t have to think up all these activities yourself.

    Books such as “100 Screen Free Ways to Beat Boredom” can help. It is filled with ideas that can be expressed in many different ways.

    For example: Put on a fashion show, make string art outside in the yard, start an herb garden, or make alien hats out of tin foil. These open-ended activities allow for surprises and unexpected results, delighting kids with what they can accomplish.

    To help push the imagination a little further, ask questions such as: What else can you add to this? Are you missing anything? Does this work or look the way you imagined it would?

    Unplugged and open-ended.

    Now when kids ask me what to make, I steer them away from the iPads, and challenge them with open-ended questions. It doesn’t take long for their imaginations to kick into gear with all kinds of possibilities. And before you know it, comments like "I don’t know what to do," disappear altogether.

    Diane Davis has been an art teacher for over 30 years. She has two grown children, and a new granddaughter who she can’t wait to start creating with.

  • Colleen’s Top Toys for Kids with Autism #LIUB

    Colleen and KikiI’ve worked as the manager of the Learning Express Toys in Roseville, CA for 15 years now and wanted to share some of my experiences of finding toys for children with special needs. Let me preface this by saying that while I am not a qualified professional in child development, I do have quite a bit of life experience. My daughter Kiki is 20 years old, and has autism. She was diagnosed at 20-months-old. Although she had very little language ability, she has been “mainstreamed” with the other children in her class since kindergarten. This was possible as a result of the time we dedicated to turning every play opportunity into a learning opportunity.

    Years ago, I believed the only way to buy toys for my child was online or in catalogs because I assumed that toys used for therapy were different and only available through special educator channels. Oh, was I wrong! While working at Learning Express Toys, I have found that we have an entire range of items, including “everyday products,” that can help families with special needs children bond, share, and learn all while working on their individual goals.

    I believe that there are many parents, like me, who need help finding the perfect toy for their child’s specific needs. After all, there are so many factors that affect how a child with special needs will interact with a toy, such as age, disability, and the skills and goals that the child is working to achieve. All of this information allows our Toy Experts to identify products that would be the right fit for your child's needs/interests. Additionally, our stores offer many hands-on opportunities for customers to try out our products and discover their play value.

    Here are just a few of the many great products we carry that can be used as tools for learning and development. Keep in mind that the toys listed below are great suggestions for all children, no matter what their needs may be.

    Polka Dot Hopper>Polka Dot HopperThis colorful ride-on toy allows kids to bounce and scoot around with ease. The Hopper is made of a durable material and has a sturdy handle for kids to grip while bouncing safely around the house or yard. When my daughter was on the Hopper, I would sit on the floor in front of her, and it helped increase eye contact, engaged all of those important core muscles, and improved her focus while we sang our ABCs and worked on specific goals. We would also turn the Hopper so that the handle was facing out to the side and use it as a therapy ball, laying Kiki over the ball on her stomach or back during activities. Today Kiki sits on the Hopper while working on the computer and catching up on Facebook. This is still a must-have item in our daily routine and key to Kiki's outstanding posture!

    See & Spell See and SpellKids can place colorful wooden letters in their proper spot to spell words on the two-sided wooden boards. This toy engages multiple senses as children learn to see, touch, and feel the letters. Saying the words out loud also adds an auditory element to the experience. See & Spell not only helps with spelling, it is also a great multi-kinesthetic toy. I would often let Kiki use a crayon inside a few of the boards after we removed the letters so she could trace the outlines inside the boundaries. Stencils can be challenging so this was the perfect solution for us and is, in my opinion, an essential toy!

    Floor Puzzles Alphabet Train Floor PuzzleMelissa & Doug, one of our top manufacturers at Learning Express Toys, is known for high quality wooden puzzles. A regular puzzle can be difficult for children with special needs, but my favorite, the Alphabet Train Floor puzzle, is much easier for the child because the animal pieces are arranged alphabetically and phonetically. This and many other floor puzzles also offer a great social and language opportunity for you and your child as you work together during tummy time.

    Wooden Floor Easel and Accessories It seems so basic, but the Wooden Floor Easel is a crucial item at my house. Many children with special needs are deficient in the development of fine motor muscles in their hands, which can be improved through art. Our OT (occupational therapist) also told us that standing to create art is Wooden Floor Easelmuch better than sitting at a desk or table because standing engages more muscles, as well as the mind.

    We used the easel in many different ways at my house. With the dry erase side, I would teach my daughter to spell a word and then magically erase the word with a clean finger. She loved the cause and effect. And, writing with a thick, easy-to-grasp dry erase marker was much less frustrating than using a crayon or pencil that she would have to push down in order to write.

    We also spent countless hours painting. Neat freaks will want to keep their easel projects in the basement or garage during winter weather. My daughter must have painted a thousand sheets of recycled paper using simple brush strokes of color. I can still picture her hand moving up and down over and over again. It was when those brush strokes slowly began to curve that I could see the rainbow she’d been shooting for the whole time.

    Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the US and presents challenges across a lifetime. Families that have a child with autism face costs of over $60,000 annually. Autism Speaks funds research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and a cure for autism. The organization raises public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society. In support of Autism Speaks’ mission, Learning Express Toys, with more than 120 store locations across the US, is partnering with the organization in 2015-2016.

    LE Toys is offering various ways for shoppers to donate to this life-changing organization starting this month during Autism Awareness. Throughout April, customers will have the opportunity to add their names to Puzzle Piece cards in exchange for a donation. Stop by your neighborhood Learning Express Toys and donate today!

    Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment below and share some of your favorite activities and products for special needs children.


  • Autism Speaks and Learning Express Toys Announce Partnership

    Learning Express Toys, the nation’s leading franchisor of specialty toy stores, announces a yearlong partnership with Autism Speaks. As a proud supporter of Autism Speaks’ mission, Learning Express Toys, with more than 120 locations across the country, will offer various ways for shoppers to donate to this life-changing organization.

    During the month of April—Autism Awareness month—in exchange for a $2 or more donation, shoppers will be asked to add their names to Puzzle Piece cards to show their commitment to Autism Speaks. Throughout the year, LE Toys also will be holding sensory shopping fundraisers and Play Day Fundraisers to benefit the nonprofit dedicated to supporting people with Autism. Continue reading

  • Creating Birthday Memories

    Learning Express Toys offers a solution that takes the guessing out of birthday presents for children! The Birthday Box program helps our customers find a perfect gift and sets Learning Express Toys apart from other retailers.

    Three weeks prior to your child’s birthday, you can set up your Birthday Box at any Learning Express Toys location. Your little boy or girl will become overjoyed looking through the aisles and piling toys into a giant box. When the box is full, a special nametag will be placed on the front of the box and put on display. Let your party guests know that your child has a Birthday Box at Learning Express Toys, and your guests can purchase from the box. They can even do so from the comfort of their home, by calling in the order to the store! For families with friends and relatives across the country, the Birthday Box is the best solution to finding just the right gift. Continue reading

  • Rainbow Loom Night at Miller Park

    Learning Express Toys and Rainbow Loom teamed up with the Milwaukee Brewers to host a special Rainbow Loom Night event at Miller Park on Thursday, July 24th. It was a night full of family fun and creativity as kids learned unique designs using the new Monster Tail loom.

    Fen Ng at Rainbow Loom NightLoom Experts from Learning Express Toys of Brookfield, WI guided more than 300 kids through the art of Rainbow Looming by demonstrating how to create 5 different Monster Tail designs; including a never-before-seen exclusive design created by Fen Ng. The children also learned how to attach Hank the Dog charms (inspired by the Brewers’ mascot) to their favorite bracelets.

    Parents and kids alike were fascinated by the Evolution of The Rainbow Loom booth whereLearning express toys at rainbow Loom Nightthe creation of this extraordinary toy was explained through a progression of original prototypes. Everyone enjoyed taking pictures with Jimmy Kimmel’s “Suit of The Loom” which was brought by Rainbow Loom inventor, Choon Ng to be displayed at the event.

    People lined up awaiting the chance to meet Choon and have their shirts, looms, organizer cases, and much more autographed by the inventor himself. Choon revealed his new Finger Loom to the crowd as attendees were given the new product courtesy of Choon’s Design.  Everyone, including Learning Finger loom by rainbow loomExpress Toys of Brookfield owner, Bill Lewis, expressed delight in this sensational new loom!

    Coupons provided at the event are now being redeemed at Learning Express Toys of Brookfield with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the MaxLove Project, along with a matching donation from Choon’s Design.

    Make sure to check out the amazing selection of Rainbow Loom product at Learning Express Toys and find exciting new patterns on our Rainbow Loom Headquarters!