Product Image IQ Stars Puzzle Game

IQ Stars Puzzle Game


Recommended Age :

6 Years to 8 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

IQ Stars is a brain teaser that includes 120 different puzzle challenges. Players must work around the challenge guidelines to fit their 7 colorful, star-shaped pieces on the board. The pieces and playing field form a self-contained case to store this game for easy travel! Ages 6 +


Great puzzles for both kids and adults
Compact, easy to carry
Puzzles for five different levels of skill

Skill Building

Players of all ages will challenge their spatial perception as they work to fit all of the puzzle pieces together. Children will exercise fine motor skills as they manipulate the pieces into the field.

Package Contents:  

Puzzle board, 7 puzzle pieces, booklet containing 120 challenges


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By Meghan Norvell on 4/19/2020

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