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Isoflex Stress Ball

Build hand strength and work out your stress and fidgets with these durable stress balls. Comes in a variety of colors, let us choose for you! Ages 5 +

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Additional Information

The Isoflex Stress Ball is a high-quality, durable stress ball, perfect for building hand strength, aiding in relaxation, and getting out the fidgets. Kneed, squeeze, and squish to help ease anxiety! These balls are made with double-layered materials to maintain their durability. Comes in a variety of colors, let us choose for you! Ages 5 +


Great for relaxation
Filled with squishy, kneadable beads for sensory input
For adults or children

Skill Building

These squishy, rubbery stress balls are designed to help ease anxiety. They provide a physical sensation while building hand and grip strength.

Package Contents:  

1 Isoflex Stress Ball

Recommended Age:  

5 Year to 7 Years


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