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Klutz LEGO Gadgets

With 78 pages of full-color instructions, this book by Klutz contains everything children need to build 11 different, exciting LEGO creations. Ages 8+

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Additional Information

LEGO Gadgets by Klutz includes 11 designs and 78 LEGO building blocks for creating exciting LEGO devices, all with Klutz' signature brand of humor. Ages 8+


Full-color instructions for building 11 creations
Blocks are compatible with existing LEGO sets

Skill Building

Encourages children to use their creativity and cognitive skills to arrange LEGO blocks. Children will use visual and spatial perception to assemble and layout their creations. Manipulating the LEGO bricks promotes the development of fine motor skills and the pincer grasp.

Package Contents:  

78 page spiral bound book, 58 LEGO pieces

Recommended Age:  

8 Year s to 12 Year s


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