Klutz Make Glitter Clay Charms

Klutz Make Glitter Clay Charms

Make Glitter Clay Charms comes with 35 charm designs, clay, and glitter that let kids create charms that sparkle and shine. Children will use the special glaze to give the charms polish before adding glitter and attaching them to the included bracelet. Ages 8 +.

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Additional Information

Make Glitter Clay Charms features easy-to-mold clay and 35 charm designs. Pop your creations into the oven, with an adult's help, to set. Use the special glaze to give them polish and add as much glitter as you want, then attach them to the included bracelet. Ages 8 +.


6 colors of clay
Custom shaping tool
Make a wearable charm bracelet

Skill Building

Manipulating the sculpting tool will help kids to build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The malleable clay provides a medium for sensory exploration, with squishy tactile feedback. Kids will use their creativity to apply glitter and choose clay colors for their charm designs.

Package Contents: 48-page book, 6 clay blocks, 2 glitter packets, metal link bracelet, 35 jump rings and charm loops, glaze with brush applicator, and custom shaping tool

Recommended Age: 8 to 12


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