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Lava Lamp


Recommended Age :

12 Years to 99 Years

Skill Building :

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These Lava Lamps are retro and hip! Help us in welcoming the classic lava lamp design back. In fact, we think we'll plug a few in to mark the occasion. Lava Lamps instantly bring a glowing ambiance to any playroom, bedroom, living room or party space. Yes, they take a few minutes to heat up, but watching the glowing orbs slowly begin to melt and move is the best part of owning a Lava Lamp! Measures 14.5 inches tall. Colors will vary. Parental supervision recommended. Ages 14 +.


Retro fun!
Perfect for parties and sleepovers
Express yourself with a variety of cool colors

Skill Building

Lava lamps provide visual stimulation and can help children who are working on their sensory processing skills. Children who are prone to overstimulation may find the slow movement of the orbs relaxing and calming. The lamp can be added to a sensory room for ambiance. Parental supervision is recommended.

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Lava Lamp


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