Product Image Lock & Roll Rescue Truck Garage by Melissa & Doug

Lock & Roll Rescue Truck Garage by Melissa & Doug

Turn the keys to unlock the doors of the Lock & Roll Rescue Truck Garage and release three rescue vehicles, ready to protect the town. Ages 3 +.

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Additional Information

Protect the town with the Lock & Roll Rescue Truck Garage, including three emergency vehicles. When the day is done, the vehicles park in the garage and the doors lock for storage. Ages 3 +.


3 unique vehicles
Locking storage
Folding ramps

Skill Building

Guiding the vehicles around obstacles help children to develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Children will build gross motor skills as they crawl or walk the vehicles along their paths. Acting out real emergencies and city scenes is a great way for children to build social skills and use their imaginations.

Package Contents:  

Lock & Roll Rescue Truck Garage with 3 emergency vehicles

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 6 Years

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