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  • MOTOR SKILLS: Build your car…and watch it go! SmartGames Smart Car 5x5 Board Game and Wooden Toy, A Preschool Puzzle Game & Brain Game for Kids Featuring Cognitive Skill-Building Challenges, Ages 4-12.
  • SKILL BUILDING BRAIN GAMES: Your children can build upon their spatial insight, planning, problem solving, concentration, and visual perception while playing Smart Car 5x5.. It’s so fun to play, they’ll forget they’re learning!
  • AGES 4+: This puzzle is perfect for kids ages 4+. With the first challenges designed for 4+ and the later challenges for 7+, your little one is sure to find the perfect opportunities to tease their brain and help them think outside the box.
  • AWARD-WINNING: SmartGames is the worldwide leader in multi-level, logic-based family fun games. Our award-winning games offer multi-level play from easy to challenging, and we pride ourselves in making high quality family board games that are perfect for players of all ages.

Welcome to SmartGames! We produce bestselling games that are found in more than 80 countries around the world.Currently more than 45 SmartGames are available, designed for all ages: from kids as young as 2 years old right up through the smartest adults. We offer a robust preschool line, as well as several categories of games that are compact, portable and perfect for travel. All SmartGames have between 48-120 challenges (and occasionally more). While they are single-player games, often people solve challenges in collaboration, especially in schools. And seeing who can solve challenges the fastest results in some interesting game nights!You can also try the ​SmartGames Customer App, a new tool that is unique to SmartGames! Completely free of charge, It has all kinds of features that are designed to enhance the experience of people who purchase physical SmartGames. Stuck in a challenge? Find animated clues! Lost a piece? Order a replacement on the go! How about a gift finder? The app will help you identify the perfect SmartGame for everybody on your list. Just search "SmartGames Customer App" in your app store.Thanks for looking at our products and learning about SmartGames.

Smart Car 5x5: 5 Times the Brain Fun!

Challenge your kids to build a car by using 5 different blocks in this unique logic game! Kids solve the challenges by placing all of the blocks correctly in the car according to the clues offered in the included booklet. Includes 96 challenges! 48 for ages 4+ and 48 for ages 7+.SmartCar 5x5 is both a puzzle and a toy… solve a challenge or take your car for a test drive! Helps develop early Spatial Insight, Problem Solving and Concentration skills. 

Exercise your cognitive skills...while having fun!

For those looking for a little more than just another STEM seal, we invite you to explore the Cognitive Skills aspects of SmartGames play. Each SmartGame details which Cognitive Skills are engaged in solving its challenges - right on the box. Our games engage skills including Spatial Insight, Problem Solving, Planning, Concentration, Logic, and more.All of which come while having fun playing our games!

SmartGames Preschool: Quality, skill-building games for kids as young as two years old!

Parents and teachers can be confident knowing that SmartGames preschool games are made from safe, high-quality materials. 

Pieces in SmartGames preschool games are designed to be engaging and fun, enhancing the experience that young kids have with SmartGames.

Many of our preschool titles offer story value, adding language and imagination to the skills touched upon when solving SmartGames challenges. 

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