Space Rocket

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  • 1 space rockets
  • 2 Astronaut figurines
  • 1 junior Rover
  • Two 1. 5V AA batteries included
  • Recommended for children ages 3+
This plastic NASA space rockets is a part of the space adventure Series and is approximately 16L x 9. 5W. The space rockets is fully functional with lights and sounds. Two compartments and the cockpit can be opened to reveal an adjustable control room and space to place the junior rover. Figurines are fitted and can be placed inside the rockets, the cockpit and the junior rover. The space rockets is also extremely portable with a handle that allows you to carry the rockets anywhere you please! Two 1. 5V AA alkaline batteries are included.

space adventure

Did You Know?

  • Rockets don't really explore space - they are only used to launch a spacecraft into space or send it back to earth.
  • Most rockets are not reusable - they burn up in space after just one use, but some newer rockets can be used again and again.
  • It only takes about 10 minutes for a space rocket to launch a spacecraft from Earth into space! But that short ride takes a lot of fuel and energy.
  • The Chinese made the first rockets over a thousand years ago. They were actually fireworks missiles used to defend against an invasion.


Cockpit Functions

Cockpit opens and closes, allowing one astronaut figurine to be seated. Cockpit seat can be raised up or down to function as an "elevator" from the main hold of the rocket into the cockpit and vice versa.

Rocket Functions

Main Functions

Body of rocket can be open and closed to reveal the compartments for main control room and for the rover. Both compartments come with windows to allow viewing from the putside.

Rocket Handle

Rocket Handle

Once rocket is fully closed the handle on the side allows for portability. You can easily carry the rover and up to three astronaut figurines inside all the compartments or you can use it as a handle to fly your rocket!


Junior Rover

The rover is a four-wheeled vehicle that allows for one astronaut to be placed inside. Designed to fit inside the bottom compartment of the rocket.



Daron Space Adventure Series

Our Space Adventure Series are made to be played, touched and enjoyed. This toy makes for a great gift for your children or loved ones. They will enjoy hours of playtime! Collect all of our products to from this series to complete your own Space Adventure.

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