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•Contents: Animator, 6 wheels, 5 pens, 100 sheet paper pad
•Dimensions: 14L x 14W x 6.5H cm
•LED Strobe Lamps that shine down on the Spinner platform
•Spin your designs to life with Light!
•Storage Compartment included
•Spirograph Animator with built-in storage compartment, spinner platform and 105-tooth Spirograph design ring, 6x Spirograph design wheels
•5x Spirograph fine-line design pens, 100x Sheet pad of stick-down design paper (3 inches x3 inches), Spirograph design idea and instruction guide
Batteries required 3 x AAA (not included)
•Ages 8+
The Original Spirograph animator is a new spin on the classic Spirograph design set! Create endless spiral art designs and then bring them all to life in amazing, mesmerizing motion with a spin of the animator! Every design moves in a different way with each of the rotating light effects. The design and animation possibilities are endless!
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