Turbo Twister R/C
Stunt Car Red

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  • Patented 360 degree front axle rotation & NEW rear axle stunt function!
  • Each car contains 6 LED lights that change color
  • Translucent tires/wheels which light up, will not scuff surfaces. Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Perform endless stunts, including spins, tumbles, rolls, wheelies & more. 27 Mhz, Tested for ASTM 3+
  • Comes in retail box as pictured.
  • Ages 3-Adult.
Turbo Twisters Remote Control Stunt Car (27 MHZ) with 6 x Bright Flashing L.E.D. Lights, patented technology with 360 degree front axle rotation. Performs dozens of stunts, indoor & outdoor. Car requires 3 AA batteries & RC unit requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Comes in multiple colors! 27 MHZ Turbo Twisters (orange & red), and 49 MHZ (blue & green).

Turbo Twister Fun!

Turbo Twisters Stunt RC Car contains a patented technology with 360Degree rotating front axle

Perform stunts!

Each car contains 6 LED lights that change color

Radio Contolled Vehicle! Race your friends!

turbo twister

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