Product Image Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers

Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers

These cute erasers feature six vibrant colors and a sweet vanilla scent! Ages 3+

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Additional Information

Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers are a set of 6 cute, vanilla-scented erasers that you can take apart and mix-and-match! Each 1.25 inch eraser makes a perfect art accessory. Ages 3+


Includes 6 different colors
Vanilla scented
1.25 inches wide

Skill Building

These erasers promote hand-eye coordination as children use them to erase writing and doodles. Sharing the erasers with friends is a great exercise to build social skills and develop self-esteem

Package Contents:  

6 Macaron Erasers

Recommended Age:  

6 Year s to 12 Year s


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