Product Image Mad Mattr Tool Box

Mad Mattr Tool Box

A super soft, fluffy, and satisfying molding material that both flows like sand and holds its shape like clay! This tool box includes 2 colors of Mad Mattr and 20 shaping tools. Ages 3+

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Additional Information

The soft, fluffy Mad Mattr flows like sand, but it can be compacted into a great building substance too! Roll it and compress it to build shapes that stay together, then stretch it out to turn it back into flowing sand. This kit includes 5 oz. of Red Mad Mattr, 5 oz. of Blue Mad Mattr, and 20 shaping tools. Never dries out. Ages 3+


A building material that can both flow and hold its shape
Never dries out
Great sensory toy

Skill Building

As children mold the Mad Mattr or let it run through their hands they will improve finger strength and manipulation and strengthen their fine motor skills. This strong tactile experience can enhance focus and help children develop their sensory processing skills.

Package Contents:  

5 oz. Red Mad Mattr, 5 oz. Blue Mad Mattr, storage case, 20 shaping tools

Recommended Age:  

5 Years to 7 Years


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