Product Image Magna-Tiles Clear 100-Piece Building Set

Magna-Tiles Clear 100-Piece Building Set

The Magna-Tiles Clear 100-Piece Building Set is a magnetic building set with triangle & square pieces. Pieces attract on every side for unlimited design possibilities. Beautiful translucent pieces make this open-ended play set irresistible. Ages 3 +.

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Additional Information

The Magna-Tiles Building Set is not durable, it's indestructible. And it isn't just any building set; it is the building set your child will use every day. These reliable square and triangular pieces are magnetic on each side, front and back, to ensure that kids never put them down. Ideas will jump out of their minds and into 3D representations. Even after they''''ve created every object you can imagine, they will imagine more! The Magna-Tiles Set is what open-ended play is all about; no end time and mucho creative design and building time! And with 100 Magna-Tiles, kids will never run out of pieces, whether they are creating a cottage or an entire city block! Translucent colors are as pretty as stained glass. Ages 3 +.


Kids can work on spatial learning
Large set for extended play and unlimited possibilities
Magnets attract on every side of each piece

Skill Building

The Magna Tiles set helps children improve their visual and spatial perception skills by giving them a firsthand understanding of geometric shapes and two and three dimensional objects. Kids will gain a better understanding of spatial relationships, and also use their hand-eye coordination skills to work on the Magna Tiles. This set will also help strengthen fine-motor skills as children grip and manipulate the pieces of this open-ended toy.

Package Contents:  

100 square and triangle Magna Tiles pieces

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 5 Years


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