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Magnetic Hangman
Travel Game


Recommended Age :

6 Years to 8 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

Part of the Go Play Magnetic Travel Games series, this 5 x 5 inch travel-sized Hangman game is perfect for vacations and long car rides. The sturdy metal tin serves as both playing board and storage case, and all pieces are magnetic so nothing will slide off the board. Ages 6+


5 x 5 inch tin serves as both play board and carrying case
Perfect for vacation or trips in the car
Includes small magnets, not intended for play by children under 6

Skill Building

Playing games with friends and family builds social skills and self-esteem. Manipulating the magnetic play pieces uses fine motor skills, and choosing their letters to spell out the secret Hangman phrase builds language skills.

Package Contents:  

Game board in travel tin, magnetic play pieces


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The actual magnet pieces for the “guy” are a bit weird, but otherwise fun.

By Adrienne Vacanti on 4/24/2020

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