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Make a Face Crazy
Animals Sticker Pad


Recommended Age :

4 Years to 6 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

Place the stickers to complete silly animal faces or mix them up to make some truly wacky creatures! Five sticker sheets are filled with features to place on the animal backgrounds - including eyes, ears, noses, trunks, horns, and snouts of all shapes and sizes. What will your child's zany zoo include? A bunny with a trunk? A fox with a horn? The funny results will have kids giggling while they play, improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they seek out matching parts or make the most outlandish animals possible! Ages 4 +.


Colorful backgrounds
Decorate with ears, mouths, noses, and more
Promotes creativity

Skill Building

Creativity and imagination will thrive as children use complete the animal backgrounds with facial feature stickers. Applying stickers to the backgrounds helps children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children will practice visual discrimination as they learn to place facial features onto the animal faces.

Package Contents:  

Over 170 stickers with 20 animal backgrounds


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By Yahaira Toruno on 4/20/2020

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