Product Image Make Your Own Mini Erasers Kit by Klutz

Make Your Own Mini Erasers Kit by Klutz

Sculpt your own erasers from eraser clay, then bake to get unique erasers that really work! Choose from 35 designs or create your own. Includes 8 colors of clay, technique book and shaping tool. Ages 6 +

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Additional Information

Create a collection of adorable miniature erasers that really work! Using the sculpting tool and your fingers, create 25 mini eraser designs from eraser clay. Choose from 35 designs in the instruction book or invent your own. This kit also includes paper craft ideas for storing your eraser collection, including a sushi tray and French fry box. Ages 6 +


Make mini erasers that really work
Choose from 35 designs or invent your own
Includes paper craft storage ideas

Skill Building

Children will practice fine motor skills while using the clay shaping tool and their fingers to sculpt the eraser clay. Trading or gifting the erasers boosts social skills.

Package Contents:  

48-page book, 8 colors of eraser clay, 1 pencil, clay shaping tool, 2 sheets of papercraft displays

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 10 Years


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