Product Image Match Madness Game

Match Madness Game

Players sprint to arrange a set of five blocks so that they match the pattern shown on the card. 1-4 players. Ages 7+

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Additional Information

In Match Madness, you have to think fast to build the stack as laid out on the card! Rotate your blocks to find the right color, pattern and arrangement as you race your opponents to do the same. Fire up your neurons - tensions build as you try to outwit your friends. 1-4 players. Ages 7+


Fast-paced with lots of action
Simultaneous gameplay
Perfect for Family Game Night

Skill Building

As players scramble to arrange the blocks to match the pattern in Match Madness, they'll practice visual processing and problem-solving skills. Playing this game with a group promotes social skills.

Package Contents:  

20 playing blocks, 60 pattern cards, game rules

Recommended Age:  

7 Years to 9 Years


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