Product Image Migoga 45-Piece Marble Run - Box

Migoga 45-Piece Marble Run

Kids learn to experiment with trial and error and explore cause and
effect as they build a transparent, interconnected marble run!
Ages 4+

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Additional Information

Watch marbles roll down the transparent tracks with the Migoga 45-Piece Marble Run! Children will learn cause and effect and basic physics as they drop the marbles into the top and watch them roll and drop through the chutes. Ages 4+


Compatible with all Quercetti Marble run play sets
Follow instructions or create your own original designs

Skill Building

Marble runs teach children cause-and-effect as they drop the marbles into the chute and watch them roll. Grasping and dropping the marbles boosts fine motor skills.

Package Contents:  

14 tubes, 4 base elements, 2 swirls, 2 starting gates, 1 starting gate container, 10 marbles, 10 straight tracks, 2 spinning wheels, instructions

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 6 Years


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Nice gift, needs better directions.

By Amy S on 12/27/2019

Our 4 yr. old grandson loved this. He did need help putting it together, I needed help putting it together! It should come with directions and pictures for the smaller set. Otherwise a great gift.