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Mirari myPad Touch

The Mirari myPad Touch features a touch screen and graphic icons that activate phrases and sounds. As children mimic Mom and Dad, they'll discover cause and effect relationships. Includes three replaceable AAA batteries. Ages 12 months +.

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Additional Information

Kids can play on tablets, just like Mom and Dad with the Mirari myPad Touch. As they navigate the icons and activate sounds, children will discover cause and effect relationships. The touch screen interface is easy to understand and use. Includes three replaceable AAA batteries. Ages 12 months +.


Touch screen interface
Plays sounds and phrases
Teaches cause and effect

Skill Building

Children will experience cognitive growth as they learn about causal relationships by activating the touch screen icons. Each icon activates a sound to provide aural input, which aids in sensory development. Kids will build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they select and press the icons on the screen.

Package Contents:  

Mirari myPad Touch with 3 AAA batteries

Recommended Age:  

1 to 4


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