Product Image Mix & Makeup Whipped Body Butter Kit

Mix & Makeup Whipped Body Butter Kit

Mix your own lotion! Add color, scents and shimmer to create a smooth body lotion. Three panda containers included. Ages 6+

Additional Information

Make your own shimmery lotion with the Mix & Makeup Whipped Body Butter Kit by Alex Spa! Just pour the ingredients into one of three adorable panda-shaped bases and stir. You'll have a lovely scented lotion in no time! Ages 6+


Create 3 body lotion pods
Create fashionable lotions while learning how it's made

Skill Building

Children will use fine motor skills to measure, pour, and mix their ingredients. Creating their own lotion for daily use will give a boost of self-esteem.

Package Contents:  

3 panda-shaped containers, 100 ml Lotion Base, 3 ml color drops, 1 gram of shimmer, instructions

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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