Product Image Mobile Arcade Virtual Racer

Mobile Arcade Virtual Racer

A futuristic race to the finish! Just stick this car to your smartphone, download the free app, and hit the road. Comes in a variety of colors, let us choose for you! Ages 8+

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Additional Information

The Mobile Arcade Virtual Racer attaches to your smartphone screen for arcade racing fun! Download the app for virtual race tracks you can take anywhere. Using augmented reality, you can sprint, jump and maneuver your way around the track while your car jumps, vibrates and lights up. Comes in a variety of colors, let us choose for you! Ages 8+


Assorted style, we'll choose for you
Works on iOS and Android phones and tablets
Interactive car follows the on-screen action with lights and vibration

Skill Building

Tilting and jumping to control the car uses gross motor skills while the game itself tests players' speed and reaction time.

Package Contents:  

1 Virtual Racer Car, 1 Car Storage Pod, 5V USB Charging Cable, 1 QR Activation Code, Instructions

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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