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Multi Voice Changer

The Multi Voice Changer is a hilarious and entertaining voice changer with ten different options for changing the sound of your voice. This gadget even has flashing LED lights for a complete show! Requires one 9V battery (included). Selection may vary. Let us choose for you. Ages 5 +.

Additional Information

With this Multi Voice Changer, you can change your voice using 10 different modifiers! In this 6.5 voice changer, use the side levers to create hundreds of combinations of voices. Features flashing LED lights. Requires one 9V battery (included). Selection may vary. Let us choose for you. Ages 5 +.


9V battery included!
Features flashing LED lights
Great for pretend-play!
Make your voice sound like a robot, child, or alien!

Skill Building

The Multi Voice Changer promotes the development of oral motor strength and language skills as children practice forming words and speaking into the device. Silly sounds provide aural input that helps children to develop sensory processing skills. Children will even practice social skills as they use new voices to have funny conversations with friends.

Package Contents:  

1 Multi Voice Changer. Selection may vary.

Recommended Age:  

5 Years to 7 Years


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By Ana L on 12/27/2019


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